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Welcome to the leading Chinese brand of electric golf carts.

Founded in 2002, Huasheng Plastics has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing electric golf cart products which are highly innovative.

With experience in manufacturing and assembling high precision, high-tech parts, components and related products are equipped with the most modern production equipment, by highly qualified and motivated staff. As the biggest golf cart parts supplier in China, we possess the most comprehensive product line in the industry and produce the most extensive selection of golf cart parts and accessories in the industry.

Our company specializes in production of full sets of plastic parts for use in electric vehicles including golf carts, sighseeing cars, and police cars made with top notch mold designing and manufacturing technology.


Win the market by the quality
Makes the quality with the advanced equipment
Complete hardware equipment
Assembly line production pattern
Standardized managerment
Professional technical personnel
Generation upon generation of
masterpiece products of achievement